IGGY & THE DUM DUM BOYS! Live – @ Jones Beach Theatre August 8, 2003

Iggy & The Stooges Live – Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theatre
August 8, 2003
by Madeline Bocaro

Something wasn’t right. The smell of salty sea air was not right. Seagulls soaring overhead while old bald guys barbequed in the Jones Beach parking lot was not right. Walking past numerous roped-off V.I.P. sections for Hilfiger and Lagerfeld in a pretentious corporate venue was not right. So it was quite appropriate that the Stooges performed “Not Right” in their set! The V.I.P. sections remained empty. This was no act to impress your esteemed clients with. This was no Eagles or James Taylor. This was something that just didn’t belong. The Stooges never belonged anywhere, and true to form tonight, they brilliantly upheld that prestigious honor.

Sonic Youth and sonic seniors were paired up for this amazing and ironic evening. That the Stooges were actually together again after 30 years was a momentous and rare treat for all. To actually have Iggy turn around to Ron Asheton during “No Fun” and utter the words, “C’mon Ronnie lemme hear ya tell ‘em how I feel.” – just like on the record – was incredible! And Ronnie sure did tell ‘em! Ron stood still in utmost concentration, with the mind of a scientist who can play three mesmerizing chords like nobody else on this planet. His brother Scott was a thrill to hear on drums. Iggy has been doing Stooges songs in his live set for thirty years, but this is how they are supposed to sound!

After a warm, welcoming “F-you!’ from Iggy, they burst right into “Loose” then “Down on the Street”, “TV Eye” and “Dirt” – the perfect Fun House album side. In fact they did nothing but Stooges songs, except for Iggy’s new one, “Skull Ring”. They even included the song “Fun House” complete with screaming sax. After each song we wondered what they could possibly do next…did we really hear “1969” AND “1970”?! Did we really hear “Little Doll” and “Real Cool Time”?! Was this really happening, or was it a dream? How could Iggy look so beautiful and yet resemble Willie Nelson’s evil twin?

Iggy was right on it. As entertaining as it must have been to see the Stooges in their day with Iggy in a drug induced haze, insane, barely able to complete a song, smeared with whatever condiment or edible missile was hurled at him by the crowd (it is legendary that Stooges fans brought their own arsenals) – this was much better! For starters it was less messy, it lasted almost 2 hours, and it was much more powerful with Iggy alert, vigilant, wild and twisted as ever. He was virtually unstoppable – no K.O. this time, just pure, enduring metallic splendour!

It was a true privilege having the opportunity to see the surviving Stooges together again in this lifetime. Iggy ended the show with a howling “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, screaming, “I am happy!!!!” Now that’s good to know!

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