Yoko Songs: ‘This Cities Undone’ with Moonlandingz

‘This Cities Undone’ 

A collaboration with Moonlandingz

By Madeline Bocaro ©

I can’t even believe this exists!!

Annihilate is the perfect word Sean! This is a wonderful screaming vocal performance by Yoko, assisting the Moonlandingz on their debut album, Interplanetary Class Classics. Sean Lennon (who also produced the album) is on drums– reminiscent of RINGO, & also plays bass. What a great groove!!!

The track is a funky whirlwind propelled by Yoko’s otherworldly vocals, layered with a spacey echo. She tells us to, ‘Wake up! There is a segment of instrumentation that is reminiscent of her song ‘Approximately Infinite Universe’.

Yoko wails, ‘It’s just a dream!’ Her voice rises into the stratosphere like the moans of Oz’ melting wicked witch ascending via a cyclone up to the sky, and ends with a whisper of, ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’.

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Here is Rolling Stone’s review:




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