Yoko: Clouds

yoko – clouds

While John Lennon was in India with the Beatles to study meditation, Yoko would send letters to him. “She would write things like,

‘I am a cloud. Watch for me in the sky.’”

In John’s song ‘Oh Yoko on his Imagine album, he sings,

“In the middle of a cloud I call your name.”
– john

In 2017 Yoko was awarded credit as co-writer of John’s song, ‘Imagine’ based upon audio tapes of John saying that she inspired it.

Imagine the clouds dripping.
Dig a hole in your garden to
put them in.

1963 Spring

“Actually, that should be credited as a Lennon-Ono song because a lot of it-the lyric and the concept-came from Yoko. But those days I was a bit more selfish, a bit more macho, and I sort of omitted to mention her contribution. But it was right out of Grapefruit, her book. There’s a whole pile of pieces about ‘Imagine this’ and ‘Imagine’ that’…”

– John Lennon


Whisper your dream to a cloud.

Ask the cloud to remember it.

– y.o. Acorn, 2013


Also see: Yoko Art: The Cloud

(Toshiro Mayuzumi’s album cover 1958)








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