Happy 85th Birthday Yoko!


bornBird Year early childhood: collected skies adolescence: collected sea-weeds late adolescence: gave birth to a grapefruit.

I love winter. I was born in February, the morning when the whole world around the hospital was covered in snow.

– Yoko, Twitter September 2016

The fact that more people are born with Caesarian operation… when you are born in the usual natural way, you go through this very, very narrow passage and your brain in squeezed, squeezed by your mother’s thighs, and so it’s a very, very stimulating thing. And then you go through that, so at the time your mother is hugging you, but at the same time you are saying goodbye to your mother. It’s a very intense moment, but when you’re born with Caesarian operation, you don’t go through that.  And even with people who are not born of Caesarian operation naturally, we have very strong pain killers so that this part of hugging –  a real strong hugging is not there.

So all the babies who are born now are thinking, “We miss that.” Our brains miss that. We were not squeezed –  the brain was not squeezed. So our body is always wanting that squeeze – that big squeeze that we didn’t get.

At Dawn with Yoko Ono

Interviewed by: Hans Ulrich Obrist  January 23, 2012





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