Yoko’s Fluxfilm no. 14: One (a.k.a. Match) 1966

Yoko’s films extend her art concepts. They are Zen in nature. Yoko is simply presenting a conceptual koan. The viewer can either be confused or totally comprehend her simple yet profound message. We learn something that can possibly change our lives, or at least our minds. We become captivated by seemingly trivial occurrences. Yoko slows everything down so that we see nothing but purity and beauty in the elusive details of life. She covers our world in a blanket of lightly falling snow…I was lighting matches, afraid of becoming a pyromaniac. But then I thought that there might be some people who needed something more than painting, poetry, and music, something I called an ‘additional act’ that you needed in life. And I was doing all that just to prevent myself from going mad, really.”