Yoko Ono Films

“Her sense of film is to, say, take an avocado, film it for six days and have, like, mosquitoes buzzing around in the background… I think she is probably my greatest influence, my favourite artist.”

– Sean Ono Lennon, 2006YokoBottomsFilmCamera

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Fluxfilm no. 14: One (a.k.a. Match) 1966Fluxfilm No. 14: One a.k.a. Match (1966)-1

Match striking fire…




Getting to the Bottom of Film No. 4: Bottoms

In 1967, a young Japanese artist turned the film world upside down with her strange movie.  After making several short films and as part of the Fluxus movement, Yoko Ono had yet another brilliant idea. Her script read, ‘String bottoms together in place of signatures for petition for peace…’

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John and Yoko’s Film No. 5 (Smile) premiered at the Chicago Film Festival in 1968.  The film is a very long close-up of John’s face shot in super slow motion, with film that is used for shooting footage of rockets. The only action is of John simply smiling. The actual time lapse is three minutes, elongated to 52 minutes. The effect is, as Yoko describes, having a light painting on the wall…

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YokoEditingFilm In November 1968 work began on John & Yoko’s film Rape. The 77-minute film was shot in London for Austrian television and debuted on March 31, 1969. The script was conceptualized by Yoko in 1968 (as part of Thirteen Film Scores) and was shot according to Yoko’s written instructions:

“The cameraman will chase a girl on a street with a camera persistently until he corners her in an alley, and, if possible, until she is in a falling position…”


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The star of Yoko‘s film had many stand-ins. This was partly because the actor was incompetent, and mostly because it was an insect – a fly! There were actually a few hundred uncooperative little buggers on set. The naturally frantic flies had to be controlled for their performance, using CO2…

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Free Time

John and Yoko – Free Time – PBS Television, May 1972

“I want to deal with the world that is in subconscious. Not the world in consciousness but underneath the consciousness. That is where I am.”
– yoko

“I’ve never seen a TV show like this before. Maybe I’m on the wrong channel!”

– john


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Imagine – The Restoration (2017)

The new restoration is incredible! I attended the one night only showing on the big screen in NYC. Imagine is such a great video album – one of the earliest ever made. I have been watching various blurry versions of Imagine for decades, ever since John and Yoko premiered some clips on The Mike Douglas Show in 1971. I never thought it could look and sound so much more wonderful! The sound was in Dolby Atmos (whatever that is, it sounded amazing)!

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Yoko Ono – Films and Talks -@ MoMA 2015

As part of the exhibit Yoko Ono: One Woman Show at the Museum of Modern Art this summer, Yoko also appeared for several events and concerts at the museum. Both nights of her film screenings with Q&As afterwards began with a wonderful montage of films, compiled by Yoko’s archivist. Yoko sat in the front row watching the films along with us…


YokoFInstagram2015 - 4-used



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