Celebrating John’s birthday today…

During his time in Almeria Spain filming How I Won the War (September 1966), a villa that John Lennon rented had wrought-iron gates resembling those of a children’s home called Strawberry Field in his Liverpool neighborhood. This inspired him to write the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. His original handwritten lyrics bear these lines (later replaced with ‘No one I think is in my tree’).

“There’s no one on my wavelength

I mean, it’s either too high or too low

That is you can’t you know tune in…”

In a mere few weeks (one month after his 26th birthday) John would find someone completely in tune with his wavelength – Yoko!

John returned to London from Spain after filming on November 3, 1966

and met Yoko four days later.



Source: The Beatles Lyrics, Edited by Hunter Davies – Little. Brown 2014


Strawberry Field


Look! Someone is in my tree!

It’s Yoko!


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