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In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono



An all-embracing look at the artist’s life and work, in stunning detail. This 554-page book is for superfans of her art, activism and music. It is also for anyone who is seriously interested in learning about this extraordinary woman.

We will also explore Yoko’s eternal partnership with John Lennon, their incredible love story and all the work they did together.

Soft Cover & Hard Cover

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Yoko Ono’s enchanting philosophy and uplifting positivity are irresistible. She breaks down the boundaries between art and life. No other artist cares about us so much. Yoko shows us the truth – with sincerity, grace and humor. She enlightens us to our own superpowers.

Her art is on the ceiling, on the floor and in the sky. You can step on it, burn it, mend it, cut a hole and let the evening light go through. It is invisible – a wind, a whisper, a scream. It is imagining one thousand suns rising, a billion universes, stealing moonlight on the water, a goldfish swimming across the sky… Her music and films are an extension of her art.

We will visit Yoko’s inner and outer worlds. If you dislike her, you will learn not to. If you love her, you will sing along. Your mind will slow down. You will see the wind and hear the silence. Her meanings and intent will come to light. You will see negative space in a positive way, and will be touched by her wit and wisdom, her genius and whimsy. Her work is unfinished – to be completed in your mind.

Yoko’s eternal partnership with John Lennon is also unfinished. Their love story, and their work towards peace includes all of us.

Her incredible body of work expresses all the joys and suffering of an extraordinary lifetime.


My Yoko Ono art collection:

Dreams, skies, smiles, love and wishes.

I breathe and dance every day.

I listen to the snow, see the wind, count the clouds

and imagine peace.

What do you think my collection is worth?

I think it’s priceless!

–  Madeline Bocaro


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