Celebrating Holly Woodlawn’s Birthday

Celebrating Holly Woodlawn’s Birthday


Holly had an audition in heaven in 2015.
She got the part.
Her name is in lights once again, and glitter is flying everywhere.
What an inspiration she was.
From New York, to Hollywood to Eternity.
She looks fabulous in her new wings and halo ensemble!
The red light is on – in the back room of the beyond.
All the angels embrace Holly
Celebrating her freedom;
Andy, Candy, Jackie, Lou, Nico, Ultra, Taylor, Edie, Brigid, Andrea
Leee and many more…

Holly was important.
She is cherished.
She was absurd and hilarious.

Most of all, she made us laugh.

Holly’s earthly achievements inspired countless others,
We will never forget our dear, bright Superstar.

Love her madly,



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