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An all-embracing look at Yoko Ono’s life, music and art – in stunning detail.

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This is an excerpt from my Yoko Ono biography

In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono

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3 thoughts on “OCEAN CHILD

  1. I love all those sweet and heartwarming photos of Yoko as a little girl! So adorable. 🙂
    Your book is fantastic, Madeline. Thanks for sharing all those treasures with us!

  2. Some how I lost a draft I was sending you.. But basically it said I loved your book In your mind. The book told the story of a great couple. I read alot about John & Yoko , always followed their music and went to many of their events. You tied up alot of loose ends, there is so much miissinformation out there and. ,you were so kind and understanding,, like Dragnet, only the facts. There are so many haters out there, they played John’s ,& Yokos songs but they never listened.But now we must go out of minds, every thing that society has done in the past has not worked, We have to lisen to the leaders of all fields and do the opposite. The worlds bottomed out, like a alcoholic who has hit rock. bottom and who must turn his life around or die. All of the paths we have constructed do not work. We have libraries & books stores filled
    with shelfs of nonsense. One last comment I wish you had touched on the NY scene, you did mention Yokos play, but I would like more details, and how about the sold out shows in NYC clubs during I believe in the mid 90’s, how about the Cental Park summer show in 1996. Yoko had a large following in the NY area. I would like to hear more about that time in her life, I guess that could be another book.Love & Peace jon.

    1. Thank so much for your comment Jon. I am very happy that you appreciated my book. Yes I was with Yoko during those New York years in the 90s, and at the concerts. There was so much other info to cover in the book, but I did mention them, with reviews of many other concerts. All the best, Madeline

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