Yoko Songs – Winter Song

Yoko Songs – ‘Winter Song’
(Approximately Infinite Universe)
By Madeline Bocaro ©

I infinitely love this song. Any one of Yoko’s songs is my favorite song of all time when I am listening to it. Especially ‘Winter Song’.

Yoko wrote ‘Winter Song’ while John was asleep, in a farmhouse in upstate New York. John wished that he had written this song himself. He plays guitar on the track, along with Mick Jagger.

Again, as in many of Yoko’s songs, there is a haunting prescience – a longing for an earthly future with John that was not to be. She seems to know this already, yet there is beautiful shimmer about this song in its gorgeous strings and especially in the sacred lyrics.


I know you now for a thousand years
Your body still feels nice and warm to me
The sun is old, the winter’s cold
The lake is shining like a drop of Buddha’s tears
Mountains lie in a distance
Like the future we’d never reach…

The bed is shining like an old scripture that’s never been opened before
And I keep my warm with your mind close.


Experience the song with this beautiful accompanying video by John Smith:


And here is Yoko performing the song live on the TV show Flipside
Filmed 12 May, aired 30 June 1973


In the studio during Flipside television filming.
And Sean watching the show years later.

John playing on ‘Winter Song’


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