John & Yoko @ Madison Square Garden 8/30/72

Today is the 45th anniversary of my very first concert at age 14 in 1972. John & Yoko at Madison Square Garden. I still have Yoko’s Box Of Smile from that day. I went to the rehearsal matinee in the afternoon. The concert was released on VHS in 1985 as ‘John Lennon Live in New York City’. At the premier screening, I sat behind Yoko & Sean, reliving my wonderful memories of the concert. Andy Warhol walked in late and stood in the aisle next to me, just after Yoko sang ‘Born In A Prison’. I was overwhelmed with the thrill of having seen this again after so long and I said, “Andy – you just missed Yoko’s best song!!!’ He replied with a classic and sincere, “REALLLLYYY?!!! OH NO!!!’ The show also featured Stevie Wonder and Sha Na Na. Stevie performed ‘Superstition’ live for the first time ever – before the single was even released. Five months later (Jan. 1973) it hit No. 1.




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