Swans do fly high above you all the time

Prince of Sun from his pavilion makes you shine


I wrote this in 1977 when Marc died:


When I last saw the wizard

He was sitting on the stair

Brilliant rays of golden light

were shining in his hair

I found him in the magic cave

Jewels trickled off his tongue

The wings of youth spread open

To carry me among

The creatures of the sky and air

At once they were my friends

If my new wings should weary

To earth I would descend

We sailed across eternity

Across the many skies

For the vast expanse before me

I would need a thousand eyes

To see all things alive and dead

To others yet unseen

To see their utter beauty

And hear their souls serene

When I last saw the wizard

I told him of my love

He turned my hair to feather

And I became a dove


For Marc – may heaven be as beautiful as

The worlds you created for us.

– Madeline

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