The Beatles vs. The Chipmunks

The Beatles vs. The ChipmunksThe-Chipmunks-Sing-the-Beatles-Hits

By Madeline Bocaro 


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I was five years old on February 9, 1964 – that infamous evening when Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles on TV.

My favorite album at the time was The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles Hits.

When I saw The Beatles singing my favorite songs that I was used to hearing from Alvin, Simon and Theodore, I wondered why they stole The Chipmunks songs. I was appalled and asked my mom what was going on. She explained that the songs were actually the Beatles’ own. I was confused, but firmly maintained that I liked the Chipmunks better. Alvin was my favorite Chipmunk!

It wasn’t long before I investigated the Beatles on my own, and proudly carried their records around with me. In 1968 at age 10, I was the only kid in elementary school who was into The Beatles (white album). An older neighborhood kid wanted to peel off the white album cover to see John & Yoko naked underneath. I had to convince him that the nude photo was not beneath The Beatles’ album cover, but on  John & Yoko’s album, Two Virgins.

P.S. John was my favorite Beatle. I liked him even better than Alvin!

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