The Beatles vs. The Chipmunks – February 9, 1964

The Beatles vs. The Chipmunks

By Madeline Bocaro

I was five years old on that infamous evening when Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles on TV. My favorite album at the time was The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles Hits. When four guys started singing my favorite songs on TV, I wondered why they stole the Chipmunks’ songs. I was appalled and asked my mom what was going on. She explained that the songs were actually the Beatles own. I was confused, but firmly maintained that I liked the Chipmunks better. Alvin was my favorite Chipmunk!

It wasn’t long before I discovered the Beatles on my own, and proudly carried their albums around with me. At age 10, I was the only kid who was into The Beatles (white album). The kids at school insisted on peeling off the white cover to find John & Yoko naked underneath. I could not convince them that it was not on this album, but on Two Virgins.

P.S. John was my favorite Beatle. I liked him even better than Alvin!




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