A New Sparks Song! ‘Self-Effacing’

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 Ron and Russell Mael have created a song which begins like a sacred psalm – with Russell’s gorgeous layered vocals in an uplifting chorale of exquisite melody – which suddenly bursts into a pure pop song about an extremely humble guy.

Ron Mael always asserts that most of his songs are not autobiographical, but in this case the lyrics somewhat apply to his character. Although I keep urging him to donate his brain to science, Ron remains extremely modest and humble. And the line about not wearing flashier clothes certainly rings true!

It’s got all the hallmarks of a Sparks song – joyful pop with utterly beautiful countermelodies – and the underlying theme of the underdog who seems comfortable yet slightly resentful in his self-imposed obscurity .   

– Madeline Bocaro

From Sparks’ upcoming album A STEADY DRIP, DRIP, DRIP

Provided to YouTube by BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited Self-Effacing · Sparks Self-Effacing ℗ 2020 BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

Engineer: Bill Inglot Engineer: Dave Schultz Guitar: Eli Pearl Guitar: Evan Weiss Bass Guitar: Patrick Kelly Keyboards, Producer, Programmer: Ron Mael Engineer, Producer, Vocals: Russell Mael Drums: Steve Nistor

Composer, Writer: Ron Mael Composer, Writer: Russell Mael


I’m not the guy who says
“I’m the guy”
Always been self-effacing

I’m in the room
You won’t see me soon
Always been self-effacing

Compliments come but
My rule of thumb is
Under duress say
All my success is
All due to them on
Them I depend
And I’m self-effacing
And I’m self-effacing

My resume is dull and it’s gray
Always been self-effacing
Want to be known as someone unknown
Always been self-effacing

Why can’t I pose, wear flashier clothes
Inflate who I am, a little flim flam
Referring to me, I’m third person me
And I’m self-effacing, and I’m self-effacing



Another new Sparks song from their forthcoming album,


‘Please Don’t Fuck Up My World’



A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip –

Release date: May 15, 2020

Track listing:

All That

I’m Toast


Sainthood Is Not In Your Future

Pacific Standard Time

Stravinsky’s Only Hit

Left Out In The Cold


One For The Ages

Onomato Pia


The Existential Threat

Nothing Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Liglht

Please Don’t Fuck Up My World


Sparks & Yoko Ono: Give Me Something
SPARKS REMIX ONO (2010) !!!! 


Sparks’ mix triples the song’s length and discards the original music completely. This imaginative mix tweaks Yoko’s vocals, dares to add a chorale of Russell Mael’s gorgeous multi-tracked voice, and morphs the driving rock tune into a mischievous orchestral waltz, with Sparks’ signature bombastic tympani and brainy orchestrations.
– M.B.
Sparks’ singer Russell Mael commented on the Sparks’ ‘Reinvention’ mix: “We were asked by Yoko’s label to do a remix’. We were interested if we could do it without it being a club mix, as that format isn’t of interest to us. They said, ‘yes of course, we expect it to have Sparks’ sensibility.’ With that encouragement, we did a version that turns the song into something that we hope both Yoko and John would be proud of. We’re very happy with the results.”
Since 2001, Yoko Ono’s alter-electronic ego, ONO, has revamped classics from her vast catalog for a new digital generation. Partnering with cutting edge producers and artists such as Pet Shop Boys, Basement Jaxx, and Spiritualized, the acclaimed remix series has spawned several No.1 dance singles.
Yes, I’m a Witch Too – an ONO remix project, this time featuring Sparks, was released in March 2010, on Mind Train/Twisted records. Several bands reworked ‘Give Me Something’ from John and Yoko’s 1980 Grammy Award winning album, Double Fantasy. On April 5th, 2010 ‘Give Me Something’ hit No.1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3Un-9lzDD0

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