Skies and Smiles from Yoko!

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This is an excerpt from my Yoko Ono biography…

An all-embracing look at Yoko’s life and work in stunning detail.
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My Yoko Ono art collection:
Dreams, skies, smiles, love and wishes. 
I breathe and dance every day.
I listen to the snow, see the wind, and imagine peace.
What do you think my collection is worth?
I think it is priceless!

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This is an excerpt from my Yoko Ono biography

In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono

An all-embracing look at Yoko Ono’s life, music and art – in stunning detail.

Read all about the book, see the reviews and

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2 thoughts on “Skies and Smiles from Yoko!

  1. I love your collection. I have only one Yoko item. A photograph of John and Yoko holding up the sign War is Over, Yoko’s autograph is below dated 2011.
    I also have autograph of every member of the family including John

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