December 1970
Desertshore is Nico’s inhuman masterpiece. It is an illusion – a mirage – a desert has no shore. The album is sequenced in order of allied keys, slipping song by song to the relative minor – a classical song cycle. Desertshore is Nico’s supernatural requiem to pain and solitude through the drone of her harmonium and the sweetness or dissonance of John Cale’s viola and piano. A beautiful nightmare welcoming death’s release.

Melody Maker called it. ‘a medieval ruin of a record.’ The album includes two stunningly sad ballads, ‘Alone’ and ‘My Only Child’. One song is sung by her young son, Ari. ‘Janitor of Lunacy’ is for Brian Jones and ‘The Falconer’ for Andy Warhol…

“Father child
Angels of the night
Silver flame
my candlelight”


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