By Madeline Bocaro

Lou Reed’s live album, Rock N’ Roll Animal was recorded at the Academy of Music, New York City on December 21, 1973
Released Feb. 1974.
I still have my original orange label RCA Dynaflex!! And the promo poster!
A remastered version was released on CD in 2000. It featured two tracks not included on the original LP or 1990 CD release.
More of the same concert (consisting mostly of Velvet Underground songs) was released in 1975 as Lou Reed Live (between the remastered Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal and Lou Reed Live the entire show has been released, in a different order than the original concert).


The magic on this incredible album comes from the guitars of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter. Hunter was a member of the band Detroit – their 1971 cover of the Velvet Underground song “Rock N’ Roll” was Lou’s favorite version, inspiring him to perform it in a similar arrangement at this live gig.


Steve and Dick played on Lou’s previous solo album Berlin, and both later joined the 2nd incarnation of the Alice Cooper group, for the album Welcome to My Nightmare which also features other R&R Animal band members Finnish drummer Pentti Glan and Prakash John (bass).


The stereo mix puts guitarist Dick Wagner on the right channel, and Steve Hunter on the left; this arrangement is reversed on Lou Reed Live.


Here is Detroit’s ‘inspirational’ performance of Rock N’ Roll.


Detroit’s live version (Rockpalast 1979)


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