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Birds communicate with each other. 
It’s not singing. It’s their language. 
It’s so beautiful and different from ours. – y.o.

In this incredible new age, when we should be using our voices to sing out, negativity abounds. If only we could communicate positively, like free twittering birds.

Yoko’s biography begins, born: bird year. She once said, “If I had to be reincarnated as an animal, I would choose a sparrow.” Birdsong was Yoko’s first inspiration. As a young child, one of her school assignments was to translate the sounds of a symphony of birds into musical notation. She realized that it was impossible. At first, Yoko thought it was her own shortcoming. She soon determined that there was a limitation in the way that we scored music – which lost its intricate beauty. This is the frustration behind all of Yoko’s work: the material world cannot replicate the purity of an idea. To solve this problem, Yoko’s scores combine musical notation with instructions.

“I loved listening to the birds singing in the morning. Beautiful complicated sounds a bird can make which you can’t copy – it seemed so perfect and I thought, ‘Why try to do something like that when a bird can do it effortlessly? So I began to compose music which wasn’t complete – with instructions like: This should be played with birds singing in the garden’. From there I began to question the whole thing of composition and instruction.”
– y.o. Vogue December 1971

In a recent Instagram posting, Yoko wrote, “A bird was chirping in a corner of the restaurant. I kept listening to it for a while, hoping I could figure out what the bird was saying. Finally, I gave up and said, ‘thank you!'”

Small bursts of thought-provoking wisdom come in very few forms. The oldest must be the Zen koan and Haiku. There are those found inside fortune cookies. And then, there are the incantations of Yoko Ono’s wise, whimsical and enlightening Twitter account –  inspiring inner peace, clarity and revelations in 140 characters or less.

Yoko has been my spirit guide since the 1960s – imparting her infinite blessings. It’s so nice that the world is now tuned in, receiving her daily wisdom. In 2011, Yoko Ono held the record for having the highest number of Twitter followers, even surpassing Barack Obama.

Here are some of my favorite Yoko Tweets. Please heed them. They will heal you. You will see your life and the universe in a whole new light. Yoko is just planting the seeds in your mind…




Look at life in nature. Budding branches. A shining river.
The light that shines on everything shines on you, too.

Why am I fascinated by clouds?
Because they are a transient existence.
No cloud can cloud us forever.

Equality should not be forced. Everybody desires something different. Just give people the freedom to be equal, if they want it.

Problem? Start with feeling love for the problem. You will then know what step you wish to take.

Advice to follow: Don’t follow.

What’s the difference between today and in the 60s?
That we are all younger now.



Science Fiction is a history of the future.

The present moment can be an eternity in time.
History can be a blip in your memory.
I don’t separate the two.

Silence is a sound.

If I had a 1 hour TV special, I would show the world what is really happening.
But the ratings would be so low, I’d be fired immediately.




All decisions are easy to make.
All decisions are difficult to make.
It depends on your outlook.

I never collected anything except sea shells & pebbles. Because they were pretty. I lost them because they were too cumbersome to hold on to.

I like old Indian & Gypsy music with vocals of people who have travelled far in life taking me to mountains and oceans I have never been to.

I often try fasting. It’s good for your health.

Your greatest strength is believing in yourself.
Your greatest weakness is not believing in yourself.

I very rarely dream. I am always wide awake even when I am asleep.

My favourite sounds in the world are all cooing sounds – of animals, people, green fields and winds…

Women are still not equal to men. But do we want to be equal to them?
I think it is better to pursue higher.




Don’t get rid of negative emotion, but just use it… like the salt in your food.

Listen to the heartbeat of all things on the planet. It is symphonic.
The primal heartbeat is that of the ocean.

Be calm to attract calm.

Everything is shining in our lives, if you care to see it.

Common sense prevents you from thinking.
Have less sense and you will make more sense.

Silence is the highest form of expression.

Being outsider is actually a more powerful position than center of things.
Observe from clearer perspective.

The child in you will save you.




You’re not blocked.
You’re just playing the game of pretending to yourself that you are blocked.
Get off your high horse now, my friend.

Art is what you give to people. Your work will suffer in its creativity if you are thinking of making something that will sell.

If you think we are subjected to any pattern, be the one to break out that pattern for all of us. Nothing is permanent. Patterns, included.




Do you, like me, find daydreams to be of the future and night-time dreams to be of the past?

Ban the veil? Ridiculous.
If it’s to stop repression of women, start with banning spandex and very high heel shoes.
They’re health hazards.

Happiness doesn’t last. If it did, it will be called boredom.
I would like my life to be a string of happiness punctuated by good work.


It is advisable to always keep your head empty so a wind can pass through.

We are all babies wanting more of Mom and Dad’s attention. Why not? Just know

that that’s what it is.


Telepathy exists, whether you believe it or not.


Love yourself for being instinctively temporary and vulnerable. Love yourself for being unloved. And enjoy what you have of life.


I always believed in the magic of life, and still do. There was not one time I felt that the magic was gone.


Go on tour around the universe in your own head.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 12.20.58 PM

To make a dream come true, start writing what you want. You’ll be surprised that your mind actually knows exactly what you want. Start there.

You are an unfinished artwork.

Don’t forget how beautiful the planet can be. And the beauty of the Universe surrounding us. The sun rising. The moon rising. The stars shining. What a great symphony!

You have to improve yourself. Whatever you are will affect the world.

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