Hey baby, we like your pants… Funtime! Iggy Pop’s Style


Let’s take a trip through Iggy’s fascinating fashions!

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One would think there is not much to say about Iggy Pop’s wardrobe – that it would be the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. To the contrary, Iggy has assimilated a unique array of clothing and accessories for stage wear (not unlike Ralph Kramden economically adapting household objects to make his Halloween costume on The Honeymooners). Iggy has no concerns about practicality nor gender. Many of his irreverent and sometimes edible ensembles have become iconic.


These days we think of Iggy Pop as a long-haired shirtless guy whose weathered chest tells the story of his extremely wild life. However, James Osterberg / Iggy Pop was once one of the finest creatures that ever walked the earth. Although he remains primal and almost naked most of the time, Iggy has an odd sense of style, which totally works! Aside from some jealous folks who claim to be repelled by his aged body (YOU should look this good at his age!) those of us who love Iggy still find him beautiful – especially the sparkling fire in his big blue eyes, his youthful spirit and wild energy.

The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein and Elvis’ Colonel Parker were very sure of the formula for success. They tamed and styled their respective charges in suits, and it worked. Iggy Pop could not be tamed. He had no formula and for many years, no success. He burst out of every shirt that he tried to wear, like The Incredible Hulk. It took decades, but Iggy and his band The Stooges have finally gotten the recognition they deserve. Iggy is still going strong, and we will always need his noise!

Iggy’s wardrobe, or lack thereof needed to be flexible and comfortable – for all the interactivity  between himself and his audience. Durability was necessary, to accommodate his frequent trips into the crowd at Stooges gigs; chest pounding, monkey scratching, frog hopping, amplifier climbing and his alternating array of hilarious and sublime dance moves. No designer could conceive of styling the Stooges. They were a force of nature. Early on, the Stooges mainly wore jeans and T-Shirts. At their first show, Iggy’s theatricality began to emerge. He wore a maternity dress, an aluminum afro wig, white face paint and golf shoes.

Let’s take a look back at Iggy’s wonderful wardrobe…

The Naked Torso

Iggy’s most often-worn and most economical outfit is his own rippling and glistening bare chest, usually adorned with stitches and battle scars from his wild stage antics. It is most effectively paired with white jeans during his February 1970 photo shoot with photographer Peter Hujar. His naked torso needs no accessories. It is magnificent in a stunning nude shoot by Gerard Malanga in 1971.

Photos: Peter Hujar / Gerard Malanga

Iggy: “Why do I always take my shirt off? Hey, I have worked with shirts. I worked with shirts for a period in the Seventies…It’s to get across.” A pause followed by a stare so intense it could blow an amp. “To get closer to you. It just gets across, like a lonely sax. It reaches in a way that works for me.”

– Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction – Cleveland, May 2010


“The pharaoh never wore a shirt.”

–  Iggy to Stephen Colbert, 2016

Early Stage Attire

At the Grande Ballroom, Iggy took a woman’s bathing cap and stuck all these strips of aluminum foil around it to make a wig out of it. Then he rubbed his face with baby oil and took glitter and just threw it on his face. He had a tutu on with black tights and a metal plate on the floor with a microphone on it, and he’d stomp on that with the one golf shoe he was wearing. It was real hot in the ballroom that night, and he started sweating—and that’s when realized what you need eyebrows for, ’cause everything on his face just started running into his eyes. We only played for 20 minutes, but at the end, his eyes were swollen up and totally red and puffy—’cause all that oil and glitter went right in his eyes…”

– Scott Asheton

Baby, baby we LOVE your pants!

There are always borderline moments onstage when it is debatable whether or not Iggy is actually wearing pants, as they are at times completely ripped and shredded, or pulled so far down (either by himself or by the audience). Underwear is optional as well. At early Stooges gigs, Iggy wore brown leather trousers (allegedly owned by Jim Morrison) but he later reverted back to jeans.

Iggy wore a stylish patterned pair of low-slung trousers made by MC5 vocalist Rob Tyner’s wife Becky at a Stooges gig at Mothers in Romeo, Michigan in August 1968. In all the commotion surrounding Iggy’s stage moves, these hip-huggers failed to hug his hips, leading to Iggy’s arrest for public nudity.

Photo: Leni Sinclair


He wore cut-off Levi’s shorts and Minnetonka moccasins at the Stooges’ Flushing Meadows Park gig (the former site of the New York World’s Fair) in September 1969.

The chronological daily deconstruction of Iggy’s denim jeans onstage helped historians to pinpoint exact Stooges concert dates. Toward the end, it appears as though he is the victim of an explosion from the waist down.

The Silver Pants

A pair of gorgeous shiny silver leather pants with rivets were Iggy’s second skin in 1972. They were purchased with the advance that Iggy received (as a solo artist) prior to the recording of Raw Power. (Bowie’s Mainman management had signed Iggy and brought him to London, telling him to ditch the Stooges and audition new band members). He also allegedly purchased the same pants in black. They were shared with his bandmates. The silver ones were worn at The Stooges’ infamous King’s Cross gig and ended up on the iconic Raw Power album cover photo. The pants were often paired with his cheetah jacket (mentioned later in this story).

Tony Zanetta of Mainman was with Iggy when they bought the pants! He gave me this exclusive comment:

“The silver pants came from North Beach Leather’s Madison Avenue Shop in New York. (manager Tony) Defries has seen them in the store window and wanted Iggy to have them. Iggy who was staying in Detroit with his parents had been sent for, and was staying at the Warwick. Tony was bringing him back to London.  I was summoned to be his minder at the hotel for the few days before their departure to London. I’m a little fuzzy on the exact time but it must have been early 1972. Tony gave me $500 to take Iggy shopping. We spent all of it on the pants. We were both a little intimidated having spent that much on a pair of trousers but Tony just laughed it off. There were obviously worth every penny.”

Update: Iggy’s silver pants were auctioned by Julien’s on December 2, 2020. I was the high bidder ($2,000) just before the live auction began. So technically I owned them for 1 hour! I was planning to clone Iggy from the embedded  DNA, but then they sold for $55,000!!!

I hope the new owner clones him at least – and that his clone has silver hair and wears black lipstick!


Iggy’s silver pants sold at auction at Julien’s on

December 2, 2020 for $55,000.

Total $70,400 with commission fees. 


The Dog Collar

In 1970, Iggy took a trip to a pet store – Bowser Boutique in Los Angeles, to purchase a fashionable red dog collar to wear on stage. In the Stooges documentary film Gimme Danger, Scott Asheton (seated next to Iggy) agrees that it did look good. Pop usually paired the collar with evening gloves and shredded jeans. This, along with Ron Asheton’s (later) Nazi regalia pre-dated Punk fashion by five years.

Here, on a Metallic KO promo poster, I love how the lettering extends from Iggy’s collar like a leash. I think it looks quite fetching!


Evening Gloves (1970)

Who are you wearing? “Kmart!”

You wore silver gloves onstage. Michael Jackson later wore a glove – is there a connection?

“Well, I liked these silver gloves that I saw on a mannequin wearing an evening gown in Kmart, and I thought, WOW those would look great on me, so I bought a case of them, then later sent our roadie down there to buy more.” Iggy went on to say that Bill Whitten who designed some of his stage outfits in the mid-seventies that were more ‘Glamula’, also designed the glove for Michael Jackson (to cover his vitiligo)!

– Iggy– Total Chaos book talk & signing @ Rizzoli books, NYC November 4, 2016


A pair of Iggy’s gloves were displayed at Cleveland’s Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2010 in an exhibition honoring that year’s inductees, including The Stooges.

(Iggy’s ‘higher end’ gloves had buttons down the arm, as seen in the black & white photos)

Photos by Jack Robinson & Ed Caraeff:


Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 10.02.19 PM 2


I have since located another pair of Iggy’s gloves – on Jayne County!

Jayne also had some of Iggy Pop’s outfits that she got from Mainman. She told me, “I altered them and wore them for my 82 Club appearances. I took all  these awful glitter outfits they had made for him that he didn’t wear! I altered them and made dresses out of them.”

Jayne can be seen wearing a pair of Iggy’s infamous gold gloves in a photo from Club 82.

IMG_1413 (1)

Candle Wax (1970)

Iggy could never tolerate a seated audience. He eyed the candle votives on each table at the Whisky in May 1970 and could not resist showering himself in dripping hot wax.  He claims that it didn’t hurt.  Here is Iggy holding the candle in his silver-gloved hands, captured in these stunning photos by Ed Caraeff from his book One Night at the Whisky.

See my book review here:

One Night at the Whisky– by Ed Caraeff

By Madeline Bocaro ©


Peanut Butter (1970)

Of the many foodstuffs and condiments that were hurled at the Stooges by their fans (who always brought an edible arsenal), Iggy wore none better than peanut butter. As he walked on the outstretched hands of the crowd (on two hits of acid) during the song ‘1970’ at the televised Cincinnati Pop Festival (June 13, 1970), Iggy was handed a jar of the now infamous spread by a fan. He gleefully smeared the peanut butter all over his chest and tossed gooey globs onto his delighted minions.

 Iggy: “I don’t think I would have done that to ‘Hang on Sloopy’!”

Author Jeff Gold astutely comments,

“So you’re literally in a way like Sinatra at the Sands there!”

– Total Chaos, by Jeff Gold

Photos by Tom Copi:


Glitter (1971)

At The Electric Circus in New York City (May 1971) and for many live performances of Fun House, Iggy wore a simple look of silver body paint and glitter (stuck on with baby oil) and jeans. When the oil ran into his eyes, he regretted shaving off his eyebrows. This was the start of his silver period.

Iggy: “Because of deficiencies in the lighting system, to be visible I used to pour baby oil over myself then pour glitter all over my body, just to catch the light. It spoke of refractions to come; it spoke of resonance.”

– The Independent– Rocking the Look, May 2010

“I wanted to look kind of smooth, slinky and super forward…

More glamour became necessary.”

– Iggy, to John Savage, The Flesh Machine, Vice Magazine 2012


(Photos: Leee Black Childers / middle photo by Eric Rudolph):

Nitebob / Craig Petty:

T. Rex T-Shirt

Iggy wore a T. Rex shirt, representing the fourth member of the Glam God Squad. (Marc Bolan, who was absent). Iggy poses with Bowie and Lou Reed in these famous Mick Rock photographs at London’s Dorchester Hotel in July 1972, during the week of the Stooges’ only non-USA gig to date at the Scala. Riding the wave of success with his Ziggy Stardust concerts, Bowie was promoting his American idols, Iggy and Lou. Ziggy’s make-up had obviously rubbed off on them.

Photos by Mick Rock

See my story about Iggy and his pals in this infamous Dorchester Hotel press conference: 

Who Can I Be Now by Madeline Bocaro ©

Who Can I Be Now?

The Cheetah (1972)

The story of Iggy’s faux leather and fur jacket (worn on the back cover of the Raw Power album) is so cool that I have written a separate, longer story all about it.  Iggy prowled around London inspired by the fierce cheetah on the back of his jacket to write the lyrics to ‘Search and Destroy.’

John Dove & Molly White’s cheetah design jacket with green satin leopard print lining appeared in L’Uomo Vogue magazine in 1971. Only five jackets were made. Now represented by Bowie’s management company, Iggy bought one with his generous Mainman management stipend while the Stooges were in London recording Raw Power

Read my story here:

(See the nice comment I got from the jacket’s original designers).

Streetwalking Cheetah – Iggy Pop’s Jacket

By Madeline Bocaro ©


Photos by Mick Rock

The Tastykakes (1973)

At first, it was mistakenly thought that Iggy had been cut and bleeding after being hauled back on stage from a routine excursion into the crowd while on THC. This was during the Stooges’ Washington D.C. concert with Mott The Hoople in 1973. Later it was erroneously reported and believed for years that he had been smeared with a jelly sandwich. My further extensive research uncovered that Iggy had in fact been smeared by a fan with blueberry Tastykakes!

Read my fascinating detective story here…

Iggy & the Tastykakes

By Madeline Bocaro ©


The Fur Jacket and Scarf (1973)

In this case, if Iggy were asked, “Who are you wearing?” he probably couldn’t tell you exactly. It seems as though he said to a girl, “Hey, I’ll trade you my pants for your jacket and scarf!” I think he made a great deal! These photos were taken backstage at the Troubadour in late 1973, with photographer Richard Cromelin and with Elton John.

The Panties (1974)

Iggy copped this look off his roadie’s girlfriend. ‘He actually walked into the dressing room at Bimbo’s in San Francisco and said, “Give me your panties.”

“I had no idea he was going to wear them on stage!”

 – DeeDee Keel

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.49.16 PM

Iggy also sported souvenir ‘Soho’ briefs at the Whisky A Go Go.

“I had this pair of underwear I bought at a little kiosk in Piccadilly Circus…they just said SOHO over the penis. I guess they were women’s, but I didn’t think about that, I just thought about how cool I would look in them. “

– Iggy, to John Savage, The Flesh MachineVice Magazine 2012

One-Legged Costume (1974)

This was a Bill Whitten creation – a super low-waisted studded one-legged sarong look. The outfit, worn with thigh-high boots had one matching fingerless glove.  It was sometimes worn with a matching wrap-around top or a breast- plate. Whitten also created James Williamson’s Dracula jumpsuit. This was for the autumn 1973 tour, probably worn for the first time at Max’s on July 30.

Iggy: “He (Whitten) reimagined me as a giant praying insect or dragonfly or something, and James as some sort of vampire. We started looking like we had wandered in from a junkie sci-fi movie.” Very William Burroughs I venture. “More Kenneth Anger,” corrects Iggy.

– The Independent– Rocking the Look, John Savage May 2010

The late Natalie Stoogeling told me about the many times she had delicately cleaned the slowly decaying costume (which she called “the monster suit”) by hand.

The full Bill Whitten monster ensemble @ Max’s Kansas City,

New York, 31st July 1973. 

Photo: Linda Robbins


The Sarong

Worn with black leotards and ballet slippers. Iggy is wearing this ensemble during an infamous Stooges gig on March 1973, immortalized on the Metallic KO album. This was not the best outfit for taunting The Scorpions biker gang, who violently accessorized Iggy with eggs and a fist. (The album’s cover photo was actually taken at an earlier gig – at the Whisky).

Also see:

It’s a Knockout – by Madeline Bocaro ©


Hey babe, your hair’s alright!

Iggy discovered Nestle Streaks ‘n Tips at the drugstore – a silver spray paint for hair. (Later, his hair was dyed professionally by Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust hairstylist Suzi Fussey – later Mrs. Mick Ronson). After a swim at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Iggy’s silver hair turned green.


Photos by Leee Black Childers:


Baby, baby we like your lips 

Iggy wears silver hair and pants, with black eyeliner on his lips at the Stooges London gig at King’s Cross. (James is also wearing makeup).

In the book Total Chaos, Iggy declares (ensconced in a London hotel room with a wall of mirrors),

“I was gonna front a band, y’know,

so you have to be narcissistically prepared.”

King’s Cross Cinema photos: Mick Rock/Alec Byrne:


The Band-Aid

Long before the 1984 Band Aid concerts, Iggy sported an actual Band-Aid on his chin after smashing into a door backstage at a Mott The Hoople / New York Dolls concert in NYC in 1973. I think it looks stunning.


The Bow-Tie (1974)

Iggy, with bleached blonde hair wore patched jeans, sneakers and a large bow-tie (resembling his idol Soupy Sales) for his Creem magazine photo shoot by Neal Preston in April 1974. Iggy destroys vinyl records, including the Stooges’ Raw Power with a hammer. He also wore the bow-tie onstage with white jeans.


“I must be hungry ‘cos I go crazy over your leather boots!”

Aside from his authentic Beatle boots, Iggy frequently wore tight-fitting thigh-high boots on stage with skirts or with panties.

Open Up and Bleed

For whatever reasons that Iggy bled onstage, there is nothing more real and pure that anyone can give of themselves. At times he was self-punishing, at others he was just giving until he could not give anymore. Iggy is never merely a performer. He always gives us large doses of his own reality.

An ambulance waited outside Rodney’s English Disco in Hollywood on August 11, 1974, while Iggy performed a piece called ‘Murder of a Virgin.’ Ron Asheton (wearing a Nazi uniform) whipped Iggy, who slashed himself. A photo ended up on the cover of the California’s Bleeding bootleg.

Photos: Michael Ochs




This beverage features prominently on the Metallic KO album. When Iggy announces that someone threw a Strohs amidst eggs and other edible missiles, we hear the bottle crash-landing onstage. Iggy was usually drenched in beer by the audience and also by himself, to cool off onstage.



The Trench Coat (1976)

Iggy became a blonde again in 1976 while traveling with David Bowie on his Station to Station tour. (There must be a mug shot of Iggy from their marijuana bust in Rochester, NY. As of now, we have only seen Bowie’s).

Upon his move to Berlin with Bowie in 1977, Iggy resembled a Russian spy in a classic trench coat and boots. (Bowie wore one as well). His later Berlin street look reverted to shorter dark hair, a leather jacket and jeans.



Photo: Esther Friedmann:


The Gray Jacket (1977)

On the cover of his album The Idiot, Iggy is wearing a simple gray jacket that is obviously too small for him. This is because it belongs to his girlfriend.

“I borrowed that jacket from my girlfriend at the time, Esther Friedmann. It was a woman’s jacket. It was probably French, or it could have been vintage German. The idea was that it didn’t get in the way. The waist was kept short, and the arms were too short so that it emphasized the hand and length of the whole arm.”

– Iggy to Jon Savage, The Flesh MachineVICE Magazine – 2012

The jacket was auctioned by Julien’s in 2016.

Artist Shepard Fairey’s wife with Iggy’s jacket:

The album cover photo by Andrew Kent was inspired by Erich Heckel’s painting, Roquairol, which hung in the Brücke Museum, not far from Hauptstrasse 155, Bowie and Iggy’s Berlin residence. They’d secured the rights to use the painting for the cover of The Idiot, but instead used a photo of Iggy imitating the image. Bowie would also mimic the Heckel painting on the cover of “Heroes” in 1978.

Photos: Andrew Kent (#1), Sukita (#2 & 4)

Also see my story about The Idiot:


By Madeline Bocaro ©


For The Idiot tour, Iggy opted for a simple yet sublime look – a black belt (worn loosely outside the loops) and jeans, with a crucifix adorning his chest. His pal Bowie appeared inconspicuously on keyboard in checkered flannel shirt, jeans and desert boots.

Photo on right © Madeline Bocaro 

Iggy’s cross was sold for $5,125 by rrauction.com in September 2021. 


Geta Shoes (1977)

Iggy wore Japanese geta shoes (traditionally worn with kimono) on French TV  with jeans and a shirt which he promptly removed. He reprised the look in Japan for photographer Sukita, in a crisp white shirt.


The Chair (1977)

I have not been able to ascertain the designer of the stunning chair that Iggy wore in San Francisco, but it he looked divine in it. This was actually a small baby’s chair, which made Iggy’s caged head look even larger. A nice effect!



Bitch stole my look!



The Helmet (1977)

Iggy dressed for battle on his Soldier tour, although he remained shirtless.

Photos: Madeline Bocaro ©

The Palm Tree (1978)

Iggy goes wild on Dutch TV show Top Pop for his performance of ‘Lust for Life’. He destroys the set and practically wears the foliage while writhing in his duct-taped jeans and white-face, with garish rouge. Iggy wears one black shoe and one white one. His chest is smeared with paint. The production team warned him, “Please don’t ruin the place, like we have seen you do before”. And the rest is history.

Watch here:



The Tail (1978)

A horse tail was a fine addition to Iggy’s look, worn with a white T-shirt and jeans as he pranced through the Lust for Life tour. “Horse Song” appears on a future album, Zombie Birdhouse.

Bottom photo © Madeline Bocaro 

This clip has it all! The TAIL, the cape, mis-matched shoes, pancake makeup, garish rouge, the blood smear, the backbend  and the chair!

I love how he treads upon the cape and destroys the chair!!!




Worn offstage for reading, glasses reveal Iggy’s nerdy and studious alter-ego – his Jerry Lewis look.

A Shirt!

In a 1980 Sukita photo shoot for his Party album cover, Iggy manages to remain situated in a crisp white shirt for several minutes!

Photo: Masayoshi Sukita


Stockings, Garters, skirt and Cap (1980s)

(Sometimes paired with a sweater and scarf or a leotard).

“I had a nice look for a while in the early 80s—Americans really hated it. I was still going with Esther, and I would just borrow her clothes and go out onstage with moderate heels, fishnet stockings, a miniskirt, a little leather jacket, and a mini leather cap. Sometimes I’d wear a little white shirt underneath. I looked like a temp secretary or something. That was a good look.”

“…There can be some sex in there, but there can also be some humor…. A lot of it is also something about being human – the spiritual need to shine a little.” – Iggy

A proud Iggy, missing a tooth surveys the ‘gifts’ he received from the crowd in disapproval of his outfit when opening for the Rolling Stones at Detroit’s Silverdome wearing a leather mini-skirt in 1981. The numerous missiles were removed from the stage using a snow shovel.

He later went back onstage to read the list of missiles that had been thrown.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.24.31 PM

Promoter Bill Graham:

“Iggy was the opener (for The Rolling Stones) in Detroit. He went onstage in a pantyhose and a short leather skirt. So after a while people were throwing things onstage: combs, lighters, shoes, sandals, bras, pullover, hats. Tons of things. I never witnessed anything like that.
After the set the stage was cleaned up, the things were put into boxes. I wanted the roadies to list the things on a sheet.
After that they gave me the list: 17 lighters, six combs, nine shoes etc.
I went to Iggy’s wardrobe. “Great show, what about a bit of fun, Ig?”
The boxes were put on stage again, right before the mic. “”What about thanking the audience for all those presents?”
Iggy went back: “Thanks for the following presents: Six combs!” At first only a few understood, going “Yeah!” “Nine Shoes without a counterpart!” “YEAH!”
He went through the whole list!
The crowd went nuts in the end!”

Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit 1981

This smoky-eye look is from a nice photo shoot in Japan (1980s)


Green Face Paint (1982)

On the road with his Zombie Birdhouse album, Iggy wore tribal makeup with dabs of paint on his earlobes, accentuated with a voodoo mask necklace. (The album cover shot was taken in Haiti). He recently mentioned (on his wonderful BBC6 radio show, Iggy Confidential)  that he was made to open for A Flock of Seagulls once in the dreadful 1980s. Iggy played the gig – but in protest, he painted his face green, and had his road crew erect a ten-foot tall crucifix with which he burdened himself onstage.

Leather Jacket (1986) 

The ‘Wild One’ rocker look for his Blah Blah Blah tour featured a cool leather jacket and neatly styled black hair.


Photo: Greg Gorman

In 1988-89 for his Cold Metal tour, Iggy was again in leather. He reprised the look for the Naughty Little Doggie tour.


The Plastic Pants (1997)

On the BBC TV show The White Room, Iggy wore clear plastic pants (without underwear of course), as he thought they would nicely reflect the lights. It is miraculous that this was not censored.

The Broccoli (2001)

Iggy appeared on The David Letterman Show in June 2001 reprising the elbow-length evening gloves (this time, in gold) and jeans. He accessorized with a head of broccoli around his neck (because he hates broccoli). Iggy tossed the vegetable into the crowd during his song, “Mask” from the album Beat ‘Em Up.

Watch here:

A Suit (2010)

At the Rock N’ Roll Hall of fame induction of The Stooges in 2010, Iggy wore a nice suit, paired with two middle fingers!


The Dress (2011)

In spring 2011, Iggy wore a cocktail dress, complemented by a Lady Dior tote under his arm in a shot by Swedish photographer Mikael Jansson for T Magazine. More of these images are in Jansson’s photo book Iggy Pop, with this quote.

“I’m not ashamed to ‘dress like a woman’ because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.” – Iggy Pop

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 10.20.30 AM.png Shoes

Iggy did the first few Stooges gigs barefoot. From 1969 to 1971 he wore one pair of beloved Beatle boots. They were slightly femme with a Cuban heel which gave him a little height. After that, he wore dance Capezios. In his mid-thirties, needing more support he started wearing durable, engineered Blunstone shoes from Australia. “They have good traction and extra room to wrap my wounds.” Now he wears Gucci shoes, since he gets them for free.

At his leisure, and after a leg injury, Iggy rocks a pair of specially adapted Crocs.


Dabbling in Design

In 2010, Iggy rocked Ray-Ban to promote their new Aviator line.

Iggy collaborated with Pop Sailor in 2014 to design a limited edition of 50 denim vests.

In 2017 he teamed with Billabong to design board shorts. One design features his pet cockatoo Biggy.

“I usually wake up and stay nude for three or four hours,” “And when I feel like getting formal, I’ll put on boardshorts. Life is better in boardshorts.” – Iggy Pop

For his Post Pop Depression tour in 2016, Iggy opted for matching suits for himself and his band members. His jacket came off after the first song.

Full Circle…  Nude Again

In November 2016 Iggy posed nude for British artist Jeremy Deller’s life-drawing class at Brooklyn Museum . This resulted in an exhibition and a book, available here…


In his lifetime Iggy Pop has probably spent more time in the nude

than any other civilized human being.

After all, nothing fits better than his birthday suit!





In “Iggy Pop / The Stooges”

Iggy & the Tastykakes

In “Iggy Pop / The Stooges”

IDIOT PROOF – Iggy’s No Fool!

In “Iggy Pop / The Stooges”

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  2. Hi! Fantastic blog!! The story on Iggy’s style is amazing. However, I missed one item which he wore circa Sep-Dec 1970. He then replaced his trademark red dog collar with a two-piece leather collar and tie that looked like some S&M gear (and he ceased wearing the silver elbow-length woman’s evening gloves). Can be seen here: http://flavorwire.com/198153/pic-of-the-day-iggy-and-the-stooges-perform-at-a-high-school-1970 Would be great if you could do some research on what this was. I’ve never seen it described anywhere.

    Per Nilsen, Sweden (I did The Wild One book in 1988)

    1. Hello Per – nice to hear from you. I remember assisting you with your Iggy book with Dorothy way back when. I will look into the leather collar but I haven’t seen a trace of it since he wore it at those very few gigs in 1970. All the best, Madeline

      1. Hi!

        Yes, I do remember you, but a bit vaguely since it must be 30+ years ago. Two editions of the book were published and I was working on a third edition, in 1990, when Omnibus Press decided to put it to rest. The book is seen now and again on Ebay 😊 Since quite many years I’m working on a chronology of the Stooges’ live performances, 1967-74. Don’t know when or even if it will be published, but it’s a fun project regardless. I’ve dug up quite a few “unknown” Stooges gigs. The text goes through all the gigs in chronological order, with info on the gigs, e.g. press clippings and eyewitness reports by fans I’ve come in contact with. One particularly elusive gig has been the one below – it has not been possible to date it accurately, and that is something I’d really like to do. Brian Zabawaski, whom you might know, attended the gig. Do you have contacts or any other means to possibly trace more info on this gig? Any help would be highly appreciated!

        Your website is fantastic! I’ve directed a friend to it, with an interest in similar music and artists. It’s amazing how close your music taste is to mine! In the 80s I discovered Prince, but there have been few new discoveries since then, although I’m very fond of Lana del Rey! I’m sure you’ve heard the song where she is alluding to Terry, Bowie’s brother.


        September-October 1970: Action House, Long Island, NY
        The band drew a small crowd to this show. “Big Time Bum” is believed to have been part of the set. Brian Zabawski: “The club seemed fairly empty. The large standing-room area in front of the comparatively wide stage was dotted with only a few of the perhaps 30 or 40 people who attended, who mostly hovered near the bar or in the periphery. The Stooges hit the stage, probably opening with ‘Loose,’ and a few more brave souls ventured nearer to the stage. My friends and I, many of whom were new fans from the Northport contingent who had attended the unforgettable Ungano’s performances earlier that year, sat on the floor in front of center-stage, perhaps 20 feet from Iggy. It wasn’t long into the set before Iggy zeroed in on my pretty friend Debra Schauder, singling her out for his personal attention. Standing above her as she was seated on the floor, Iggy grabbed her by her leg, and pulled her booted-foot up until it was resting on his crotch. He then attempted to drag her around the floor in a playful manner, twirling her a bit, and causing her to laugh in shock and embarrassment. He did not linger on her, however, and resumed stalking the good-sized stage. As the Stooges pumped furiously through their set, Iggy found only a few more audience members suited for his attentions. They were tight and focused that night, and Bill Cheatham on second guitar provided a welcome additional fullness to their sound. Despite the small crowd Iggy seemed in good spirits. The band turned in a full-set of some 45 minutes to just short of an hour. As was their wont, they left the stage with their amps still wailing a glorious wall of feedback, the sounds continuing even as they exited the stage. Typical of the band at that time, there was no encore.”

        Från: Madeline Bocaro
        Skickat: den 19 mars 2019 19:38
        Till: Per Nilsen
        Ämne: [New comment] Hey baby, we like your pants… Funtime! Iggy Pop’s Style

        Madeline Bocaro commented: “Hello Per – nice to hear from you. I remember assisting you with your Iggy book with Dorothy way back when. I will look into the leather collar but I haven’t seen a trace of it since he wore it at those very few gigs in 1970. All the best, Madeline”

  3. Hi Per,
    Thanks for your message. I hope that you finally do publish your chronology of all the Stooges concerts. I would appreciate if you would keep me posted and make sure that I get a copy! Please email me (madelinex@mac.com) so that we can stay in touch. And I can recommend some cool Stooges groups that might help you with more info. Cool report by Brian on the Action House gig. Funny – some of my friends were just talking about that club which was not far from where I live. Some amazing shows there – but I was too young to have known about them. Here is a very interesting story with lots more details about the club and the gigs there. No mention of the Stooges though (?)

  4. Hi Madeline, like your stuff. Hey baby we like your pants… lyrics from funtime. Last nite I was down at the
    lab was about the time Iggy lived with me in my apartment about 1975 before he went off to his solo career. We
    would go out at nite to pick up chicks, he would always score, of course, but he would usually attract two, one
    for me :). Anyways, we sometimes went to the “lab”, my workplace where we studied drug addiction at U. of Michigan
    with monkeys that were addicted to various drugs. He was fascinated with the addicted monkeys. I had a reputation
    for sleeping at sunrise until noon or so before I went to work, so I am not sure if Iggy was referring to me as dracula or
    one of the monkeys was named dracula and rest were the “crew”. His 1st recording came out after he left my apartment,
    with funtime on it, so everybody started calling me dracula because they knew I worked at the “lab” and they knew Iggy
    lived with me. This was later verified by best friend Scott Asheton (rock action).

  5. A wonderfully comprehensive history of the many looks for Iggy over the decades. A fantastic research job. And good to see my report on the “lost” Stooges Action House ’70 gig that I wrote up for Per Nilsson’s book, but has heretofore gone unpublished, finally appear in online print. Thanks, Madeline for this marvelous piece.

  6. This is an outstanding piece of journalism and one of the best Iggy articles I have ever read! (And I’ve read a lot). The Tastykakes scoop is amazing – bravo, I stood up out of my seat and applauded. The picture selection is definitive. I notice revered Stooge expert Per Nilsen has commented. Dynamite stuff, you’re wonderful x.

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