Oh I believe in yesterday… Happy Birthday Paul!

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“When I was a little kid in school, you would see the Bible. My favorite picture was one of St. Francis. There were always animals all over him; little birds, little animals, a little lamb on his lap – and I always thought, I love that! So I grew up loving that and loving animals. And that’s the main reason I’m vegetarian…

I have sympathy for all the animals on the planet, so I have a clear cons. It’s just the way I am and I enjoy it.”

– Paul McCartney to Reiko Yukawa in Japan 2018





“Paul has been very nice to me. He’s treating me with respect. I feel like he’s my younger brother or something like that. I’m sure that if he had been a woman or something, he would have been a great friend, because there’s something definitely very strong between John and Paul.”
 – Yoko Ono, Audio Diary – June 4,  1968


“Do I have a favorite Beatles track? Well… I could name them all. I think John’s stuff when he was a Beatle was very interesting. But I would get into Paul’s stuff too. He’s a very talented guy. Fool On The Hill for instance – not the most important song that he wrote, but it’s a beautiful song. It’s genuine. There’s depth to it. People want to take sides. If they’re into John, they’re Exclusively into John, but I think Paul’s songs are equally important.”
– Yoko, To Martin O’ Gorman,
Mojo– In The Beginning, July 2002


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