LET’S HAVE A DREAM! – 夢をもたう – Yoko’s Concert Tour – Japan – 1974

By Madeline Bocaro ©

On August 1, 1974 Yoko began a week of rehearsals for her tour of Japan with her Plastic Ono Super Band. The single, ‘Yume O Moutou 夢をもたう(Let’s Have A Dream)’ b/w ‘It Happened’ was released on September 20 only in Japan.

The Japanese people highly respected Yoko. She was not scorned for her association with John or the Beatles in her homeland as she was in other countries. Yoko was recognized in Japan as the artist she had been since the 1950s. This is evidenced in the amazing welcome she received upon her arrival at the airport when she stepped off the plane.

Yoko arrived at Haneda airport, Tokyo on August 9thto a wild and warm reception!

Photo: Bob Gruen


Yoko was barraged by the media, giving several press conferences.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.16.42 PM


The first of Yoko’s six Plastic Ono Super Band concerts in August 1974 was held on the final day of Tokyo’s One Step Festival. Here is beautiful (silent) color footage of her performance of ‘Mind Train’, ‘One Way Road’, ‘Move On Fast’ and more. Also clips of Yoko’s momentous arrival, pursued by crowds of photographers and fans – and interview/press conference with ‘Shiranakatta’ as a soundtrack:

Tickets!Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 2.10.09 PM.png

The next stops were Nakano Sun Plaza / Shinjuku – Kosei Nenkin / Nagoya – Shi Kokaido / Hiroshima – Kenritsu Taiikukan (on the bombing anniversary). The final show was at Osaka’s Kosei Nenkin Kaikan on August 19th.

The concert programme:


Music Life magazine profile:


Below is video of a full performance from Yoko’s 1974 tour of Japan at Nakano Sun Plaza. It includes rare songs including the unreleased “One Way Road.” There are also some Japanese-language interview clips.

Set List: It Happened, Midsummer New York, Angry Young Woman, Mind Train, What Did I Do?, I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window, 3 songs with Japanese lyrics: One Way Road, Yume o Moto, Tabetai), Don’t Worry Kyoko, Yes I’m a Witch, Yume o Moto (reprise)

The song ‘Tabetai’ is included, but not listed – after ‘Yume O Moto’. In 2013, Yoko re-worked Tabetai for her album Take Me to the Land of Hell. The title translation is “I wanna eat.” Juicy steak, sweet pancakes and fried chicken are all on the menu. It is a playful commentary on famine/gluttony, in an upbeat/offbeat song. When there is no food left (as in her childhood in war-torn Japan)Yoko sings, ‘let’s go to another country.’

There is an amazing version of Don’t Worry Kyoko at 32:00

I am adding 3 links in case one is eventually removed.




Yoko’s message from Fukushima:

“I think it lonely to see a dream alone.
However, since the same dream as 50,000 people was seen. I was glad.…I regard man as not being isolated. People cooperate mutually and are living.
I think that someone cries when I cry.
I think that there are people with the same hope as me when I have hope…” y.o.

“Japanese should dream and project something higher than just being economic animals.”

8/10 – One Step Festival Tokyo

8/12 – Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo

8/12 – Shinjuku Kosei Nenkin Hall

8/13 – Nagoya Shi Kokaido

8/14 – Press conference

8/16 – Hiroshima – Kenritsu Taikukan

8/17 – Travel to Osaka

8/19 – Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan

Photo: Bob Gruen







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