Asleep In The Ejector Seat

Album review 

by Madeline Bocaro

Imagine your favorite bands playing at the same time, yet creating something completely new! The Heat Inc. seamlessly merge past, present and future without being at all derivative. They’ve been hailed by Paul Simonon (The Clash), which is proof enough that they are important! The band already has a fanatical following after several amazing live gigs in the UK.

This killer debut album sounds like Peter Murphy (the Elvis of Goth) possessed by Jim Morrison, taking us for a moonlight drive, down on the street for a holiday in the sun!

Each band member is vital to the overall sound, and they are thankfully equalized in the mix. The integral power and passion of all four musicians is loud and clear, wonderfully produced by Michael Smith. It’s the perfect melding of four guys from London, Italy and France who fit together seamlessly. Charismatic singer Jon Dodd can smoothly raise his gorgeous deep croon to an intense growl in less than a millisecond.

Their sound is rooted in rock, with an amalgam of influences and the combined energy from all the records in my box of punk singles; Rudi (‘Big Time’) 999 (‘Homicide’), ex-Pistols The Professionals (‘One, Two, Three,’) Stiff Little Fingers (‘At the Edge,’), Generation X (‘Triumph’) some of whom had a victorious reunion/resurgence at the Dog Day Afternoon festival in London this month! Although punk was mostly angst-ridden, there was always a glorious buzz about it sounds that were joyous, melodic and jubilant. This especially shines through here.

The first two tracks are killer cuts; ‘Souvenir’ and ‘Draw Blood For Proof.’  ‘Get Wild’ is a glorious stunner, and ‘’98’ features the wailing guitar of Marco Simoncelli (resembling the master, Mick Ronson on his song ‘Angel No. 9’ (Play Don’t Worry).  ‘Ultraviolence’ takes us beyond Bowie… to Marizane!

I have not been this excited about a new band in years.

Give this a spin. You’ll have a real cool time!


Vocals: Jon Dodd / Guitar: Marco Simoncelli

Bass: Nicolas Rigot / Drums: Maurizio Vitale

Catch their streaming gig from Rough Trade East (London) on July 19th



Get Wild

Draw Blood For Proof


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Asleep In The Ejector Seat
Draw Blood For Proof
Little Knuckle Charlie
This Thing Called Love

Akasaka Murder Squad
Get Wild
Ms. Willie Mae


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