Album review by Madeline Bocaro

For so long, Bowie has been away
So many years with nothing to say
Then he went to sleep one night
It took a long time to see the light
Awakening after 30 years with a beard
He finds that he is still quite weird
The same old questions are still on his mind
Where Are We Now? and Who am I?
Such beautiful weirdness
What goes on in his mind?
Visconti & Slick and some cool bits of sax
And at last, Queen Bitch is back
Every great Bowie era is mixed together
Raw as nerves and plush as leather

All of his best voices are back in the cast
Bursts of newness and blasts from the past
Rock N’ Roll Suicide in Heartbreak Hotel
Five Years, end of the world and Droogs as well
Weird tempos and sounds – not sure what he’s saying
The perils of fame and cities decaying
The boy keeps swinging
Our ears keep ringing
He’s got something to say
In his own cryptic way
What’s he talking about? We don’t know
Mishima did not have a dog
And peacocks don’t like snow
His life has flashed before his eyes
Not quite dying and no disguise
Not much has changed
Bowie is still strange
And for what it’s all worth
He is still here on Earth
Welcome back David
Hope you’re here to stay
Wishing you the best for the next, and another day!

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