Iggy Pop – Free – Listening Party

@YouTube Space NYC – September 10, 2019

By Madeline Bocaro


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It was Free and it was PRICELESS!!


A surprise announcement appeared on Iggy’s Facebook page in September 2019 at short notice! I RSVP’d right away!

With the posters still hanging on my walls and my love for Iggy as strong as ever, I cherish this chance to see him again on the basis of the Japanese saying, ‘Ichi-go ichi-e’ – the premise that it’s a miracle when we meet – and that each meeting could be our last.

About 30 people were gathered in a small YouTube studio with no idea what to expect. We sat facing a carpet with pillows in the middle of the room, and the new album Free began to play. Iggy walked out and sat down amongst us, listening to one full song. He then invited us to join him on the carpet for the rest of the album. (He later explained that he didn’t want to just sit in chairs and listen, so he asked for pillows to be thrown around ‘like Jamestown’)! It was his intention to present the album live, with the musicians but they had other commitments, so he will be back later to do that.

So myself, my friend Jamie and some guys spent 30 minutes lying next to Iggy while listening to his entire new album!!!! I think some of his magic Iggyness rubbed off on me! I curled up next to him like a cat during this intimate Bed-in. He was calm and intently listening and proud of his new music. He was so relaxed (I think he even fell asleep for a few seconds). His extreme calm brought serenity to the room.

When the music stopped, Iggy explained the meaning and process behind every song on the album. He also played individual tracks by Noveller (Sarah Lipstate) and Leron Thomas explaining why he asked them to appear on his album.

A stunning film clip of The Dawn was shown – Iggy plays the part of an artist who paints the dawn every day, but one day the dawn doesn’t come.

Then came a meaningful Q & A which Iggy really enjoyed! He walked over to sit close to whomever the mic was handed to, answering each one-on-one. It was like when Bowie invited the Sigma kids in to hear his Young Americans album!  We were all stunned and speechless afterwards! I asked if he is really free now. He gave a poignant answer which you can see here.

Watch: Iggy Pop FREE listening party – YouTube studio NYC




Most touching was when a guy thanked Iggy for answering his letter during the time of American Caesar, when an address was printed on the album encouraging fans to send letters. Iggy mentioned that he carried around a sack of mail like Santa Claus on tour and answered all of it – because he was very lonely at the time. It was heartbreaking to know that such a beloved guy could feel so lonely.

Here are some cards and letters I received from Iggy during that time. He was so lonely that he asked for my telephone number!

Despite how he may feel in his older incarnation, Iggy looks extremely healthy – in fact, he glows almost as much as when he was covered in glitter decades ago! And there’s still a bright twinkle in his eyes.

We are enamored by this wild man because of his gentle warmth, humor, sincerity and conviction. He’s like an old friend. Iggy is our crazy cool uncle, telling us  kids all the tales of his past wild escapades amidst the family’s grimaces. Except that HE’S STILL DOING IT! These are Iggy’s glory days. He is basking in the glow of adoration, yet admittedly uncomfortable with the superfluity it brings.

In The Sun, he said recently, “I’ve managed to become quite a non-controversial figure, like somebody’s teddy bear.”

Well maybe he’s more like our pet iguana.

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