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An entry from my 1979 concert diary.


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June 27, 1979 – Blondie / Hunter/Ronson at Pinecrest, CT

I was among the first people ever to hear this song! On June 27, 1979, Ian Hunter with Mick Ronson opened for Blondie at an outdoor gig at a country club in Connecticut called Pinecrest.

I was with Ian and Mick all afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny perfect day! Blondie arrived at 4pm. Debbie was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit w/ black scarf and shades. Blondie began to rehearse their new song ‘Dreaming,’ playing it in its entirety! It would soon be their single from their album Eat to the Beat, which would be released on September 28th.

Me and Ronson were sitting on the stage. Mick held my hand and said, “This is such a romantic song!” I was impressed that the guitar lines reminded me of Bowie’s song ”Heroes.”’ Ronson said, “Oh yeah, you’re right!”

Sadly, ‘”Heroes’” was one of Ronson’s final live performances (with Bowie, at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in  April 1992) before he succumbed to cancer a year later.

A roadie criticized the first lines,

“When I met you in the restaurant / you could tell I was no debutante

But Ronson and I both lovingly defended the song. We were overjoyed at how wonderful it was.

Imagine something of your very own, something you can have and hold
I’d build a road in gold just to have some dreaming
Dreaming is free
Dreaming dreaming is free

I will remember this moment with my sweet idol Mick Ronson forever!!! It really was like a dream!

‘Dreaming’ is now my favorite song!

When Blondie finished rehearsing, Debbie lingered near us. I had spent time with her a few weeks prior at an autograph signing, so she recognized me and I called her over. I knew that she idolized Ronson and probably wanted to meet him, but was too shy. I introduced her to Mick. She was blushing! She only shook his hand and said, “I’m a big fan!” and walked away giggling. So sweet.

Debbie wearing a Mick Ronson T-shirt.

‘Dreaming’ was released as a single from Blondie’s fourth album Eat to the Beat in September 1979.

It reached No. 2 in the UK and No. 27 in the states.

Blondie performed ‘Dreaming’ on The Midnight Special on October 5, 1979

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQC6sKwB5ME

They also performed the song on Saturday Night Live on October 13, 1979


And here is the music video, directed by David Mallet:



Me & Debbie 1979:



Also see my story: A Day with Andy & Debbie



Me & Mick Ronson 1979:

This is the only photo that I have ever found from this show. It shows what a beautiful day it was!

Ian Hunter @ Pinecrest:


Concert ticket:


Eat to the Beat promo poster:


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  1. I remember that year seeing Blondie at Merriweather Post Pavilion (a great amphitheater between DC and Baltimore). Rockpile was the opener and were pretty great! But I definitely remember hearing ‘Dreaming’ for the first time and being quite blown away by its anthemic qualities! Debbie wore a powder blue gown and Clem played like a delightful maniac as usual!
    Madeline, thank you once again for your always delightful writings!

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